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Residential Properties In Kochi | Return On Investment In Kerala

Why Choose Us

Xperties Property Managers is Metro Kochi’s leading Management company for residential properties in Kochi. XPM manages lots of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties. From Single-Family Homes to large Apartment Complexes, XPM has a large, experienced management staff to handle every aspect of your property or Portfolio, unlike the many ‘fly by night’ operations in the Industry. We are the leaders at successfully marketing vacant properties. Xperties,  residential properties in Kochi have the most extensive tenant screening process available, to ensure the highest quality of renters for your property, thereby producing the better return on investment in Kerala. In addition, we have In-House Maintenance & Legal departments to help keep your costs to a minimum.

In this Residential properties in Kochi, our in-house maintenance team offers a wide range of repair services that keep properties in good condition at an affordable cost. We have the highest owner retention rate of any management company in region. Our 24/7 Online Owner Portal keeps you up-to-date on the progress of your properties. Whether you need us to manage a vacant property, find a new tenant for an existing property, or manage a property you already have occupied, we can help. Request a custom quote online, and our property managers will contact you with perfect residential properties in kochi within 24 hours with a marketing plan to keep a better return on investment in Kerala — including pricing to get you started today!

Xperties property management company striving to offer the best rental types of assistance to its customers across Kerala especially in Kochi. Our team of professional specialists always watches out for the changing patterns in the market to help customers in buying, selling and rent a property in Kerala with minimum expense, minimum danger and increased consumer loyalty. We aim to add value to your investments through our vast experience and master advices.

Need best property management service?

There are various options available to landlords as far as the type of service required is concerned. A general summary of each option is detailed below, with each choice tailored to meet the demands of both the experienced landlord, and also those who are new to lettings. If you are confused of how to buy a flat in Kerala, contact top real estate in Kerala for buy and sell for the best residential properties in Kochi.

Full Management

This service is very popular with landlords wanting complete peace of mind, and no contact with the tenant.

Residential Properties In Kochi,Return On Investment In Kerala

Having found a suitable tenant,

we will: Carryout a rigorous referencing process to ensure that the tenant can afford the rent and is credit worthy. Check to see that they have a good record with their existing landlord if applicable. Carry out a thorough inventory of the property prior to it being let, whether it is furnished or unfurnished. Prepare the tenancy agreement and serve the necessary deposit protection paperwork.

During the tenancy,

we will: Receive the monthly rent from the tenants by standing order. Undertake regular property visits. Carry out check-outs at the end of the tenancy. Deal with any day-to-day management issues that arise in connection with the maintenance of the property. If required, instruct the relevant trades person to carry out repairs. Also serve all the appropriate legal notices on behalf of the landlord. Notify all the utility companies of the change of occupant.

Residential Properties In Kochi, Return On Investment In Kerala

How can the tenant contact you for maintenance work?

Before handing over the keys to the tenants, our field managers will make sure if all the fixtures in the apartment are in a good working condition. E.g. Air-conditions/electric supplies/bulbs and tube lights/checking for broken tiles/interiors such as a cupboard/water pipes. Thus it is unlikely that the tenants would experience any maintenance problem during his early stay period. In case he finds any maintenance work to be taken care of, he can either e-mail us or call us to this number +918113935157/9188895000. If the maintenance issue seems to be trivial, say, tube light/bulb fuse, the tenant himself can fix such issues. He then can intimate to Xperties Property Management about the changes made. In case the maintenance issues seem to require immediate attention, such as a water pipe leakage or water motor problems, they will be addressed by our vendors/plumbers/technicians at the earliest. However, if the maintenance works can be carried out only by the apartment’s association, then Xperties Property Management has no control over fixing the issues

Rent Administration

This choice is popular with landlords who live locally and are happy liaise with the tenants regarding any maintenance issues. We will undertake all the pre-start of tenancy tasks as with the full management, we will also:

Market the property

Carry out the same referencing procedure as with full management. Prepare all the paperwork prior to the tenants moving in. Prepare the inventory and serve the appropriate legal notices on the tenants, so that possession can be obtained at the end of the tenancy. Carry out the “check-out” after the tenants have vacated, to enable the reconciliation of the deposit

Tenant Introduction

This option is usually taken up by the experienced landlord who is familiar with tenancy law and property management. In addition to marketing the property, we would reference the tenants and prepare the tenancy agreement.

Thereafter the landlord deals

with all maintenance issues and the serving of legal notices. We advise landlords to still have an inventory carried out, which we can organize at a competitive rate on their behalf. We can also protect the tenants deposit in accordance with the necessary legislation.

Offices in a great position to give you a professional service

Our offices are situated in good locations, easily accessible to the public. As soon as a property is loaded on to the computer, our sophisticated web based system enables us to e-mail or text the details out to our database of prospective tenants. Let’s are sometimes agreed within hours of a property coming to the market. We Accompany all viewings, so we have a good “feel” for how reliable a tenant is likely to be It doesn’t matter whether your property is a one bedroom flat or a large country house – we will ensure that it is marketed professionally and efficiently.

Residential Properties In Kochi, Return On Investment In Kerala