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Rental agreement will be created on a stamp paper between the owner and the tenant with Xperties Property Management as the guardian to the owner’s property. Xperties Property Management will be responsible in executing the terms in the agreement. Rental agreement will be signed by the tenant and Xperties Property Management
Before handing over the keys to the tenants, our field managers will make sure if all the fixtures in the apartment are in a good working condition. E.g. Air-conditions/electric supplies/bulbs and tube lights/checking for broken tiles/interiors such as a cupboard/water pipes. Thus it is unlikely that the tenants would experience any maintenance problem during his early stay period. In case he finds any maintenance work to be taken care of, he can either e-mail us or call us to this number. If the maintenance issue seems to be trivial, say, tube light/bulb fuse, the tenant himself can fix such issues. He then can intimate to Xperties Property Management about the changes made. In case the maintenance issues seem to require immediate attention, such as a water pipe leakage or water motor problems, they will be addressed by our vendors/plumbers/technicians at the earliest. However, if the maintenance works can be carried out only by the apartment’s association, then Xperties Property Management has no control over fixing the issues
Since the tenants will be living in the property we cannot disturb their privacy too often. But we routinely visit the property at least once in 3 months with prior information to the tenants. We check for any property damage and any other developments concerning the property. We also keep in touch with the tenants over phone.
Each adult over 18 years of age, who will be residing at the property, needs to fill out an application to rent. Xperties Property Management runs a credit and eviction verification per applicant. You must make 2 (x) times the monthly rent in order to qualify for the property, have good past rental history and absolutely NO evictions.We also keep in touch with the tenants over phone.
Rent starts the day you pick up your keys here at our office. If you move in the middle of the month, the second month on your lease is pro-rated.
It depends on the property if pets are allowed.
Renters insurance is not required, however we strongly recommend it. Xperties Property Management able to refer you to an insurance agent that sells renters insurance, if you don’t have one already.

• To pay rent on time and in full.
• To keep the premises and all plumbing fixtures and appliances supplied as clean, safe and working.
• To dispose of trash and garbage properly
• To use the electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, cooling and ventilating systems and appliances provided properly.
• To notify the landlord/ Xperties if planning to be away from the premises for more than a few days. Many leases require this and it is a good idea for security reasons.
• To inform the landlord /Xperties of any needed repairs as soon as they are discovered. Written notice is best.
• To receive written permission from the landlord /Xperties before making any modifications or improvements to the property.
• To refrain from any conduct which unreasonably disturbs the peace and quiet of other tenants. The tenant also is responsible for the actions of family, friends, guests, or pets in this regard.
• To obey all rules and regulations of the lease and all of the laws governing landlord/ tenant relationships.